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Taking Your Swag from Tired and Boring to Exciting and Delicious

Taking Your Swag to Exciting

We’ve been there. Trying to figure out what type of corporate swag would make the most memorable impact for our company’s promotions, events and touchpoints. There are options…sure…boring ones like pens and t-shirts and thumb drives. But shouldn’t we show our company as the innovative business it is?

And that’s what swag is all about…getting our amazing company seen! And not forgotten like the tired swag that is often left in some box long after the event.

So, we know the problem — in the sea of swag, most is boring.

But not all! In fact, we have your corporate promotions and touchpoints that will wow not only your established customers but new ones as well.

Fortune Creek, the Okanagan’s newest and most innovative custom gift box company and a few tips will make your swag better than your competitions.

We are proud to offer fresh Fortune Creek products produced daily from the ranch…to your board rooms. Your company’s logo or brand image on what is, quite possibly, the world’s best beef jerky, or sitting on the breakfast table on our decadent bottles of caramel butter syrup. Brand power at its finest!

The ranch works around the clock to provide the most fresh and authentic products that are celebrated for their quality and uniqueness. And we have your swag covered no matter your taste with savory smoked meats, decadent butter tarts, signature honey garlic BBQ sauce, spice grinders, Okanagan fruit pies, jams, candies and so much more.

But we offer so much more than swag…we offer support, starting with the tips on how to take your swag from tired and boring to exciting and delicious.

Tip Number One: Understand the Purpose of Swag

Maybe it is because we hear the word so much that we often think swag is just a necessary part of business. However, while it can be necessary, the real reason for swag and corporate gifts is much deeper than the cost of doing business mentality.

In fact, we often think that we understand what swag is completely. However, that is not always the case. Swag is products that you can give your employees to hand out to clients and customers. It can be given as corporate gifts and it can be offered at special events or for corporate promotion and touchpoint solutions. Swag has a number of purposes, including:

  1. It increases brand awareness. If you are not aware, it takes 5 to 7 brand impressions before someone remembers your brand. This isn’t always done with swag, but it definitely plays an important part. With a Fortune Creek corporate gift box, you could easily make those impressions last with not only the box label but individual labels for the products. Every time someone reaches into those boxes to pull out our beef jerky or a smoked sausage, they’ll see your corporate logo.
  2. Corporate gifts strengthen relationships with existing clients. If you have a valuable relationship with your clients, your business will grow through referrals and repeat business. A Fortune Creek corporate gift box, filled with beef jerky, peanut brittle or our Okanagan fruit pies, offers an amazing gift option filled with great taste that helps you build that relationship.
  3. Employee loyalty can grow. We often think of swag and corporate gift boxes as something for clients, but it is a great idea for employees as well. A box full of goodies, even to have at the office, is an amazing way to show your employees that you value their contribution to your company.
  4. You are able to show company pride. Swag is an excellent way to showcase the pride in your company. And when that swag is high quality and dedicated to great flavor that you find in all local Fortune Creek products, your pride will be showcased with every bite.
  5. It brings in new customers. Whether you are trying to convince a big client, or bring in more customers, swag can draw them in. In fact, when a customer is close to buying something, that little swag gift can be the final deciding factor on whether they purchase your product or book your services. At Fortune Creek, we have plenty of little products that won’t break the bank but can cover all your branding needs, including taffy, fudge and even bags of gummy candies…all delicious…all high quality…all branded for you and your company.

Overall, swag offers a lot of opportunities for growth, which is why it is so important to choose the very best.

Tip Number Two: Think Outside the Norm

I’ve already mentioned a number of items that are given out as corporate swag and, honestly, they are all quite boring. I mean, how many pens do you really need?

And since we want to get away from tired and boring, it really is important to start looking outside the norm for your corporate gifts. First, remember that t-shirts, pens, and thumb drives are all tired and boring. If you are at conference, tradeshow or other event, I guarantee you’ll go home with about a dozen of those items. Second, if you think back to those brand impressions, you want people to look at your swag and corporate gifts several times. The more unique an item is, or the more useable, the more likely they will look at it and that means more opportunity for impressions. Third, if others see really awesome swag at an event, they will hunt down your company to get some for themselves.

A great option that takes you right out of the norm is a Fortune Creek corporate gift box or swag items. We offer fresh, local products from the Okanagan Valley. Family owned and operated, we take family recipes and create a wide range of products from jerky to sausage to cheese, to Okanagan fruit pies to candy and baked goods such as butter tarts. We have something for any type of event, corporate promotion, or touchpoint, and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Tip Number Three: Quality is the Exception

When you are stepping out of the norm, step up with quality, especially when you are choosing a corporate gift box. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of cheap options out there, but if you want to show your brand as one of excellence, you want to invest a little more in what you are giving.

But you don’t have to go super expensive for quality. In fact, at Fortune Creek, we have a lot of affordable options for both swag and corporate gift boxes. But we never cut corners on quality. All of our products are made from local ingredients in the very heart of the Okanagan with trusted family recipes offering exceptional taste.

You’ll love what we can do to bring your company swag from tired and boring to exciting and delicious, you’ll want to order your own corporate gift box to take home yourself.

Tip Number Four: Support Local Businesses

A great way to make swag work for you even before you get it to your customers is to support local businesses. The reason for this is that those companies will not only advertise your company, but they will often go to you when they are looking for your products or services. It grows a network of businesses helping businesses.

Which is exactly what Fortune Creek is about. We provide the products for your company to flourish while supporting the local farms and businesses in the Okanagan. Your network grows with us and is invaluable as you put your branding stamp on our exceptional products.

Tip Number Five: Brand, Brand, Brand

Finally, don’t just focus on getting swag. You want swag that will represent the quality of your business and your brand and make you stand out from the competition. For any type of swag that you get, make sure that you have your company logo on every package.

That is really where Fortune Creek steps in. We create the perfect marriage between our high-quality products and your company. Not only can we customize our corporate gift boxes and swag to better represent your company, but we can also make labels for our product labels, such as our decadent peanut brittle, or our custom gift boxes can feature your labelling.

In fact, every element of our Fortune Creek custom gift boxes can be tied directly to your brand so that every time someone unwraps a piece of our beef jerky, they will not only enjoy the great taste, but they’ll also associate it with your brand.

So why Fortune Creek?

Although this isn’t a tip, we did want to take a moment to explain why Fortune Creek is the best source for your corporate gift boxes and swag.

  1. We offer a wide variety of products. No swag order is too big or small for us and we are happy to work with your brand making it shine.
  2. All our products are made with fresh ingredients that are local to the Okanagan area.
  3. Fortune Creek is family owned and operated. We understand the importance of hard work and creating a relationship with our clients.
  4. Integrity is a cornerstone of Fortune Creek. From how we work with our corporate clients to our customers to producing our natural products…we are a company of integrity that wants to support your business.
  5. Diversity is key to great flavor and Fortune Creek is not only family run, we are also helmed by a very capable female CEO.
  6. We value your brand as much as you do and will customize and tailor our labels to your specific needs.
  7. Made to order…meaning you can rest assured that we will produce products with family recipes that are fresh from our smokehouse and kitchen.
  8. Variety is the spice of life, and we offer a variety of options for your corporate gift boxes: sausage, jerky, butter tarts, Okanagan fruit pies, peanut brittle and many other delicious items that will be a favorite for you and your customers.

As you can see, there are many reasons for why you should amplify your corporate swag to more than the same old tired swag. The more thought you put into your swag, the better the reception to your swag will be. After all, if you promote the best corporate gift boxes, with high quality products like our Okanagan beef jerky, peanut brittle, smoked sausage or our many other locally sourced and manufactured products, you will promote your company as one that prides itself on quality and taste.

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