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The most famous Vancouverite you’ve never heard of

the most famous vancouverite you've never heard of

  • How a man named Joe Silvey, nicknamed Portuguese Joe, and his Coast Salish wives Khaltinaht and Kwatleematt, ended up inspiring a statue in Stanley Park (by one of their 500 descendants!)
  • The history behind the land that is now known as Stanley Park, which might have been Joe’s Park if history had gone a bit differently.
  • A brief history of the Potlatch ceremony and why it was banned for decades.
  • A brief history of early Vancouver, the origins of “Gastown,” and a man who was creepy even by historical standards.
  • The sordid history of how many young Indigenous women were forced into child marriages, and why Canada isn’t doing so well on the child marriage file today.
  • Why many Vancouverites can trace their origins back to Hawaii.
  • How Hawkins Cheezies became a uniquely Canadian snack, and why they don’t advertise!
  • Leah’s case for categorizing the Caesar cocktail (celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!) as a snack.

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