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Fortune Creek

Since 1981 our family has been forever thankful to share all our great recipes. We are excited to have the opportunity to further share those experiences with you, through Fortune Creek!
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Fortune Creek was born in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.
On a warm sunny day in March, the magic came to life.

My brother and I loved to take our horses out each morning – this was our special time to ride up the mountain and watch the sun rise over the valley. Today, as a grown professional, I still love the Okanagan mornings – my favourite breakfast is shared at 5:30am on a paddle board or at a bustling bistro in downtown Kelowna.

We have built Fortune Creek on the most cherished memories we had as children and aspire to bring them to you – our new family and friends. Memories of scrubbing the wooden floors in our family’s general store, hot apple pie coming from the oven, and rewards of a cool swim in the ranch pond on a hot day (after all the shovels and pans had been put away). Homemade raspberry jam and butter on freshly baked bread, and if you were lucky, some peach pie with milk before bed. It was the sweet reward of country living.

Each hand packed box sent from Fortune Creek is a tribute to the generations before me who exemplified that each early sunrise becomes a day with the goal to leave our world a stronger and better place. A day to give thanks for all our blessings and to celebrate our family’s and communities. As we send you a box of my family’s best and most cherished food memories, may you and yours be blessed with prosperity and a thankful heart.

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Come on down for fresh pie and ice cream!

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