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What We Do

Crafted locally and baked fresh, Fortune Creek has passed down generations of family recipes neatly wrapped into gift boxes, just for you. Find anything from peanut brittle to Mennonite sausage to flavoured popcorn, we have a little something for everybody.
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To Your Gate in 48

Fortune Creek has your products straight to your gate within 48 hours, that’s our wholehearted promise.

Locally Sourced

We only select the best quality ingredients for our products from the local community; a community that is just as passionate about quality.

Customer Response Time

Fortune Creek is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have with a response time of no later than 6am the next day.

Freshly Made

Not mass produced or left in packaging to get stale. We make fresh for your order, every time.

Customizable Boxes

Mix and match to your heart’s desire, Fortune Creek’s gift boxes are customizable, allowing you to pick the perfect combo for that special somebody.

Event Specific

Our boxes can be tailored to any event or theme and can work great for anything from weddings to work events!


Prepared and crafted through generations, all products are straight from a family-owned business with a rich history of crafting their recipes to perfection.

Money Back Guarantee

For any reason you are unsatisfied with our product or service, we guarantee your money back or equal exchange.

Canadian Made

100% sourced, prepared and shipped from Canadian soil.

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