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Inside The Sunday Morning Gift Box

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inside the sunday morning gift box

As I was riding through the ranch, I slowed down to recall the fleeting moments of my childhood: Coming in from cold morning chores to warm up and have breakfast. I could smell the sausage from outside the door and my stomach would remind me of its empty desperation. Evidence of freshly made Caramel Cinnamon Pecan Rolls lingered on the counter, and the clatter of a hastily set table. People bumping in and out and children running in between, somehow everyone got to the table (although just barely). Dad would serve his creamed scrambled eggs…how I wished that coffee would last just a little longer. Sunday morning breakfast was not just about great food, but the time we spent together celebrating life, and setting things in order for the week ahead. Food was the bridge that brought us together and the centre of so many of my childhood memories.

Our goal at Fortune Creek is to connect people by providing the highest quality homegrown products that express gratitude. So, when it came time to decide what signature Fortune Creek products for our curated Gift Boxes, right out of the gate I wanted to have something that captured that “morning on the ranch” feeling:

Introducing the Sunday Morning Gift Box — a box that unpacks the most foundational moments of my family childhood. The contents of this box are what makes the Sunday morning breakfast, which is my family’s most important meal of the week:

  • Mennonite Sausage (6 pack)
  • Honey Mustard
  • Black Peppercorn Grinder
  • Country Raspberry Jam
  • Caramel Cinnamon Pecan Rolls
  • Sunflower Bouquet
  • Hand Sewn Table Linen 36” x 36”

The Sunday Morning Gift Box centers around my families one “staple product” our Smoked Mennonite Sausage. Lean ham with a healthy dash of black pepper and smoked to perfection (my Great Grandmothers recipe). Breakfast or supper, hot or cold, its versatility is as great as its flavour. What could be better than smokehouse fresh Mennonite Sausage? The seductive aroma that delivers on its promise of an unforgettable savoury taste. Pair this with our delicious Honey Mustard Sauce which is one of our original Fortune Creek products. A sweet and rich combination that goes well with pretty much anything!

Who else loves fresh peppercorn on scrambled eggs? The Black Peppercorn Grinder included in the Sunday Morning Gift Box achieves a low-effort, high-impact addition to Sunday morning breakfast. Fresh black peppercorn is the only acceptable seasoning to food this delicious (none of that “pepper dust” please).

My family’s Country Raspberry Jam is the showstopper in our Sunday Morning Gift Box. If there’s one thing I would look forward to during Sunday morning breakfast, it’s this. Our Country Raspberry is picked at perfection in the Okanagan, and it stands unparalleled to other jams when it comes to food pairings. Not just a toast topper; we add to warm rice pudding in wintertime, or cool vanilla ice cream in the summer.

Be sure to save a bit of room for our famous Caramel Cinnamon Pecan Rolls (we use the caramel sauce to dip our fruit). A delectable blend of buttery baked rolls dusted with cinnamon and sweet caramel glaze with fresh pecans adorning the top. Dad would make his Cowboy Coffee (that’s coffee served with the grounds in) and we would linger around the table until the very last pecan.

For that little extra magic, we added a sunflower bouquet (one of our family’s favourite symbols of harvest and abundance) and a hand sewn table linen like my Grandmother would make -“pinkies-up” is optional!

Overall, our Sunday Morning Gift Box offers many of our Fortune Creek classics, plus a few out-of-the-box ideas for an exceptional Sunday morning breakfast that you can enjoy at home with your loved ones. The contents of each box offer enjoyable pairings that help you slow down and enjoy the finer moments in life. It’s an invitation to create new memories, in the kitchen, and beyond.

I truly appreciate being able to share this with you; my greatest hope is that you will use this Fortune Creek Gift Box to create your own memories or for someone you care about, and really, what could be better?

Happy Trails


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