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Welcome to the Okanagan

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Welcome to the Okanagan

There’s something magical about the Okanagan and its presence can be felt as soon as you turn off the highway and drive into town. It’s the type of place you wish you’d visited sooner, or at least that’s how most people feel as they often find themselves “oohing and aahing” repeatedly at the vast green landscape, bursts of sun and picturesque vineyard view.

The Okanagan has heart and a depth that only one could understand if you’ve experienced it for yourself. There’s nothing quite like a day out in the sunshine and wide-open spaces of the valley. Pack a cooler and a picnic blanket, take a stroll through the vineyard, and take a mini road trip to discover the beauty that is the Okanagan. The amalgamation of over one thousand shades of green and sun ripened produce gives the gift of country living unlike any other.

The Gift of Country Living

You might be asking yourself; what is country living? Some may say country living is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. While some may say it’s having the right and opportunity to grow your own food, plants and animals — for us, it’s both.

The Okanagan sets the backdrop to the sweet gift of country living; it opens our eyes to the possibility that there is a larger world surrounding us. Beyond just the resplendent world of nature, we are welcomed with the idea that living well, connecting with one another, as well as forging a stronger path forward for ourselves and the next generation is possible and can be achieved. One of the best reasons to visit the Okanagan is to escape the busyness of everyday life. There’s no better place to find much-needed rest and relaxation than the Okanagan Valley. It’s true when they say the lushness of countryside can hardly be exaggerated; from the fertile soil, rolling hills, to the sunny skies, its beauty is staggering. It truly is a natural beauty unlike any other and the kind of terrain that offers outdoor adventures you never want to end. Calming, immersive experiences throughout the valley promote a sense of well-being with benefits that carry over long after your vacation has come to an end.

What’s more, there’s nothing quite like produce that is picked at its peak. Fresh and delicious. One of the simple gifts of country living is being able to grow more, or most, of your own food — it’s true when they say some of life’s greatest simple pleasures begin in the earth. Let’s face it, homegrown food not only taste better but is healthier and more affordable. There’s a special kind of relationship when you grow and take care of the food that feeds you. You start to feel a special kind of appreciation to the plants and animals that you look out for. In return, they help sustain you and your family as well as give you the freedom from food shortage and unwanted chemicals in your food. The sweet gifts of country living indeed.

Fortune Creek & Country Living

Picture this: it is the last few moments before the summer sun sets, that peaceful tranquil moment where sound and light seem to hush together, and on your lap is a plate that holds a freshly baked pie made from Okanagan apples picked early that morning. A flaky butter crust yields under your fork; cinnamon and citrus blend together with that freshly baked apple scent, and the taste…you can’t describe…you just close your eyes and do your best to not let it fade away… Doesn’t it sound heavenly? Country living is some of life’s greatest simple pleasures; an experience that many of us need more of. The good news is you can have this experience without leaving your home. Here at Fortune Creek, we bring the gift of country living straight to your door.

At Fortune Creek, we harbour a deep appreciation for what makes our backyard special. We were established with the purpose to exist in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Beyond that, our mission is to bring the ranch, healthy and hearty recipes from our families cherished cookbooks to you — our new family and friends.

Introducing our Fortune Creek Gift Box: a box of our family’s best and most cherished food memories. Each box is individually packed specially for you and is a tribute to the generations before us whose mission was to forge a better future. We’re bringing the ranch and the gift of country living with each Fortune Creek Gift Box delivered to you. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

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