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Why Dinner With The Family is Important Today

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why dinner with the family is important

It’s a moment that slips into memories of warm nights, delicious foods and becomes a place where love and laughter grow. We don’t often think of dinners in that way. That moment in time, like a sunrise cresting over the Okanagan mountains in the early morning. Instead, dinners are a necessity that is often eaten on the go as we quickly rush from one activity to the next.

We get it. We’ve all been there when we suddenly stop and realize that we’d lost those moments with our loved ones. That the hectic schedules of our day to day have taken over and we’ve failed to sit down together in a very long time. It doesn’t have to be like that, and it can be a moment to relax instead of a daily chore we do without much thought. We can cherish it and take all the benefits that good food, slowing down and time with loved ones can create.

So, while we love to open a Fortune Creek Gift Box, let’s open that gift box of time spent as a family instead and see the benefits a dining together can bring.

Dinner with the Family Benefit Number One: Fosters Togetherness

One of the mainstays of Fortune Creek is family. We are a family and we’ve tailored our products for families big and small. It isn’t a surprise that our Fortune Creek Gift Box brings families together, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we view fostering togetherness as the first, and one of the most important, benefits a family dinner provides.

Studies have shown that families who eat dinner together on a regular basis have closer bonds and confidence both with their loved ones and in the community. These benefits are felt by both children and adults.

Family dinners allow the opportunity to connect with each other. It fosters give and take conversations where everyone feels valued, heard, and respected. This promotes language growth in children, helps tackle problems kids are facing and can even work as an unofficial family therapy session. In fact, when children were surveyed about times when they feel most comfortable discussing problems with their parents, dinner was the top answer.

When you sit down for a meal with your family, you take the moment to check in and connect, which helps foster a sense of togetherness.

Dinner with the Family Benefit Number Two: Builds Healthy Eating Habits

Another excellent benefit with family dinners is that it builds healthy eating habits. You can pull out a great gift box for some amazing healthy options to complete your meal, but even without a Fortune Creek Gift Box, there is no denying that families who eat together, build healthier eating habits.

Often, we think of those healthy eating habits in terms of kids. For instance:

  • Children who eat with their family will make healthier choices for foods. They often eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • They model their eating habits after adults at the table.
  • Healthy eating habits will continue throughout their life when there is a strong foundation of family dinners.
  • They are less likely to participate in fad diets and unhealthy eating choices.
  • Kids who eat with the family are less likely to be picky eaters, which is perfect when choosing a Fortune Creek Gift Box.
  • In addition, there are benefits for adults, including:
  • Adults are more likely to choose healthy options and increase their fruits and vegetable servings when dining together.
  • They are less likely to diet but have the added benefit of maintaining/losing weight due to healthier options at the dinner table.
  • Adults exhibit better portion control, eat slower and allow time for feelings of fullness.
  • Finally, families who eat together have a lower risk of obesity than those who eat meals on the go or choose to order out frequently.

Dinner with the Family Benefit Number Three: Better Mental Health

We’ve already touched on mental health and emotional benefits when we look at how family dinners can build on confidence and feelings of validation, but there are a large number of mental health benefits associated with habit.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Higher Self-Esteem: In both children and adults, self esteem increases with regular family dinners. This is tied directly with taking the time to validate each other’s worth.
  • Decrease in Depression: This is seen in both adults and children. Connecting with others helps us check in with our emotions and work through them. Connection, one of the cornerstones of eating together, builds on our self-worth, which, in turn, helps combat depression.
  • Lower Risk of Anxiety: Often tied with depression, family dinners on a regular basis have shown to lower anxiety and the risk of developing it. Again, this ties back to having a strong connection with loved ones.
  • Lower Risk of Developing Eating Disorders: Not only are children watching their parents when they eat dinner together, they are building up emotional and social skills that help reduce the risk of eating disorders. In addition, parents can watch their kids and see the early signs if an eating disorder is developing.
  • Increased Resilience: People who frequently eat dinners together feel a greater sense of resilience when faced with problems in life. This is because they have a support system that grows stronger with every family dinner.

As you can see, the benefits are significant when it comes to mental health and it is important try to eat together at least two or three times a week, if not every night.

Dinner with Family Benefit Number Four: Social Benefits

Another area of benefits that we can’t deny are the societal benefits of eating together as a family, however, we may not see those benefits until much later in life. First, let’s look at some quick benefits.
Children who eat dinner with their family are more likely to have:

  • Better vocabulary skills: Since adults converse at the dinner table, it is not surprise that it unwraps a gift box filled with rich vocabulary. Children who eat with their parents have a larger vocabulary than children who don’t and are often early speakers.
  • Better table manners: Especially when asking for something out of the Fortune Creek Gift Box! This benefit works for kids and adults. Sitting at the table for dinner means that everyone is using their best manners. Even adults benefit from the reminders as they reinforce the manners of their children. Away from the table, politeness often increases in both children and adults when they frequently eat together.
  • Increased academic performance: Another benefit for kids, and even young adults in school, is that they often have better grades. Again, this ties into those conversations that build confidence, self-esteem and enables parents to stay ahead of academic problems before they become a major issue.

In addition to those shorter-term benefits that we see in the day to day lives of our children, and even ourselves, there are long term benefits. Children and teens who have regular family dinners see the following benefits:

  • Less likely to suffer with substance abuse
  • Have a reduced risk of teen pregnancy
  • Have a reduced risk of violence
  • Are less likely to be bullied or to bully
  • Enjoy better cardiovascular health as teens, which means lower costs for healthcare.

Dinner with Family Benefit Number Five: Sharing Traditions

We all have family traditions but often, they aren’t thought of in our day to day lives. Instead, we focus them around holidays, such as a large meal at Christmas. However, family traditions can be shared and built upon every single time we sit down for dinner at the table.

While we hope that giving a Fortune Creek Gift Box will become a tradition for many, we also know that family dinners bring the benefit of tradition to the table. You can start new traditions, such as having a family dinner night every Sunday, regardless of what is happening in our busy lives. Or you can encourage older traditions that you learn or share with grandparents and other important members of your family.

In addition to your own traditions, inviting friends into your family dinners, even occasionally, can encourage the sharing of cultural traditions and foods. It can enrich an evening around the table and wrap up a family dinner in its own symbolic gift box.

As you can see, we pulled so many benefits out of our gift box when it comes to family dinners. Children, teens, and adults will always benefit when they can come together, converse, laugh, and create those memories with their loved ones. It isn’t about that one moment, that one dinner, it is about creating a cascade of memories centered around the dinner table. All those combine and build a foundation that is strong, resilient and will bring your family as much joy as it has brought ours, especially when we share a Fortune Creek Gift Box at the dinner table.

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